Colombia El Dulce
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Colombia El Dulce

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El Dulce
Arboleda, Nariño, Colombia.

Farm: 15 Coffee producers
Farm Size: 1 to 3 Ha
Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Process: Washed, Sun dried
Elevation: 1900 to 2200 masl.
Harvest: 2022/2023
Lot no: 3-1270-0030
Packaging: 70 kg
Traceable to: La Parla Workshop

This delicious washed coffee comes from one of our favourite regions in Colombia, Nariño!
With the combination of factors such as 1666 hours of sunlight a year, 1866mm of rainfall a year with reliable rainfall patterns and the rich volcanic soil found in Nariño thanks to the multiple volcanoes found in the region. All this allows producers to cultivate at higher altitudes with cooler than average
temperatures, and is what provides us with the unique profile we find in this region.
Yellow Rooster works with Manuel Barbosa from La Parla Workshop to find the right coffees in Colombia, when we discussed regions, Nariño was always a priority and when we cupped El Dulce and found its sweet notes of honey,
bright green apple acidity and beautiful rich body typical of the region, we knew we needed to share it. The flavour notes in this coffee are all very reminiscent of the small coffee producing towns found throughout the region.
El Dulce is made up of 15 coffee producers coming together to create a beautiful coffee. With farms ranging from 1Ha to 3Ha, the producers work together to ensure harvesting and processing is done at the same time and
with the same parameters. All the coffee is washed and then put out to be sun
dried in the high altitude sunshine. This is a small lot coffee with a production of only 12 sacks.